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Call Titan for expert assistance with 'Party Sewers' or Shared Sewer Connections that are non-conforming. Let our experienced technicians guide you through the process with the City of Portland (and surrounding cities) non-conforming sewer department. Get sewer repair and replacement to city code, by Titan Plumbing.

Discount savings on Portland Sewer Repair and Installation conforming to plumbing and Portland city codes

Trenchless Sewer Replacement - PortlandPortland's Non-conforming sewer program is an extensive program throughout the Portland Metro Area. The goal is to replace non-conforming sewer connections with new connections that conform with all local applicable plumbing and city codes. This is important due to potential public health risks, as well as legal and financial issues, including real estate transactions and property ownership.

FINANCING AVAILABLE - Residential Only. Click here for pricing details.

Titan Plumbing's experienced technicians walk you thorugh the process from start to finish to ensure your sewer repair/replacement meets all the proper plumbing and city codes.

To learn more about code requirements, financial assistance, and more details about non-conforming sewer connections visit the City of Portland, Nonconforming Sewer Program website at Portland Bureau of Environmental Services.

Get the best sewer repair, and inspection with the latest sewer scope technology (video line inspection) and directional drilling by Titan Plumbing & Mechanical's licensed plumbing professionals.

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